Hi, I’m Meredith, welcome to my blog the healing yogi. This space is to share the knowledge I’ve acquired from my own journey with endometriosis and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). I am a nutritionist to-be and I take a holistic approach to my health; from my experience having the right diet, exercise and sleep are all just as important as having a great doctor. Having a chronic illness can make you feel isolated, but you are not alone – feel free to connect with me through the blog and on Instagram (username: healingyogi) where I share my healthy meal ideas, yoga and honest progress updates on my own health journey.

About me

I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis in January 2014 but I believe I’ve had it for a long time. Since my diagnosis I realised the pain, anemia, fatigue, heavy bleeding, anxiety, fertility and digestion issues were all related to this health condition, so I knew it was time to start proactively managing my health and wellbeing.

I have stage IV endometriosis, which is the most advanced. I have had my endometriosis adhesions surgically excised (February 2015) which also involved a bowel resection (so removing part of my bowel), in June 2015 my left ureter was repaired and re-implanted into my bladder – it was so badly damaged that urine was unable to pass through and my left kidney was barely functioning. I am now on the road to recovery.

While endometriosis has changed my life irrevocably in less positive ways, I am now on a beautiful, happy journey of healing and self-care. Prior to being diagnosed I was not taking care of myself properly. Slowly I started to make changes; I started to eat healthy, nutritious food and drinking less alcohol. I have completed my first certificate in human nutrition and am currently completing my BHSc Nutrition and Dietetics. Although I have been practicing yoga for years, I immersed myself in the practice and completed a course on yoga fundamentals and theory. Yoga has been an important factor in my journey, it has helped me to shift my perspective on life, create a positive outlook and bring me peace during difficult times.

I hope you find the blog interesting and helpful. Even if you don’t have endometriosis or SIBO, my healthy recipes and self-care tips can still be relevant for you. I am a foodie so it has been my mission to create simple, delicious recipes that are also nutritious.

Yours in health,

Meredith x


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