Endo and fertility

For most of us, we grow up thinking that we’ll be able to have children whenever we want to, but for many women this isn’t the case. Endometriosis doesn’t always cause infertility, but in my case it has.

This isn’t a topic I talk about a lot, I think for me it’s a deeply personal issue and makes me feel very sad. This year, after having major endometriosis excision surgery, I found out my chances of becoming pregnant were less than 30% with an egg donor, conceiving naturally would be highly unlikely. IVF is an option for many people but because my case is so severe my doctor has recommended I stay away as it would likely cause the endo to flare up and spread further. A further complication is that I also have a condition called adenomyosis, which is similar to endo, where the cells that normally grow inside the uterus also grow where they are not supposed to, in this case they grow inside the muscle wall of the uterus, not only is it painful, it can create contractions which result in a higher chance of miscarriage.

Meredith in hospital after surgery to remove endometriosis.

For some women they are willing to go through IVF to get pregnant and tackle many rounds to conceive at their own physical and emotional expense, I completely understand why some do this but for me it’s just not an option.

Am I giving up? No, but for me IVF poses too much risk and I have lost too many years to poor health already. Who knows what the future will bring, I think that despite not being able to conceive naturally, there is still hope. I will possibly try an egg donor as my doctor has suggested to me, or perhaps adoption.

To those of you reading this and feeling uneasy, don’t be too worried, I know of women who have been in various stages of endometriosis and become pregnant. If you have read this post and are feeling concerned that perhaps things aren’t okay, go and see your doctor, endometriosis is hard to detect so it’s important to be referred to someone who actually specializes in the disease.

Yours in health,

Meredith x



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